Premium Content: MAEVE: A Makeup for All F Miqo’te

────── Product info ─────

I had a lot of fun making this makeup, so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

This makeup has a couple different versions to it, it has the red and black lip version and just a red lip version, plus the options to have clanmarks or be clanless.

Created for All F Miqo’te Faces!

Import via TexTools or Penumbra

TTMPs are included for clanless versions and clanmark versions, Face 1 Sunseeker DOES have clanmarks in the clanmark version! So if you wish to have clanless face for face 1 sunseeker, use the clanless version ttmp or import via loose file method.

PNGs are all of the loose file diffuses for each face!

Please use this link if you wish to see more of the makeup on different skin tones and different faces! (

────── Disclaimer ─────

This makeup will work best with light to medium skintones.

Includes loose files to import via the loose file method.

For on how to import loose files into penumbra, please refer to this guide (

Sculpts may need minor adjustments to the makeup.

Sculpts tested on; Vivikyu’s Vivi and Setrixi’s GothVict+!!

Makeup may look different because of shaders, any added lip color toggles, shape key toggles, etc. I am not responsible for how it looks with shaders, lip color toggles, shape key toggles, etc.

Shader’s used in previews are Johto’s Studio 4, Project Crystal Gameplay and vanilla.

────── Credits & Perms ─────

Credit to Rosemint for the upscaled miqo’te base/textures.

Credit to Major Praline’s Miqo’te Face resource for the clanmarks!

Thank you to Ren for helping me with previews of other sculpts in this makeup!

Personal edits are fine, but please do not share with others or reupload.

As this is a digital item, there will be no refunds after purchase.

────── Contact ─────

If you have any issues, feel free to contact me on Discord: Fumii#3405

Or you can contact me on twitter: fooms_foo !

If you use this makeup, I would love to see it! Feel free to tag #kissatenfooms on twitter!