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Presenting SLEEPY F*CKS – a face edit for all M Au Ra! Following in the same vein from WEDNESDAY (and also my lack of sleep), this face edit is born. Now you, too, can make your lizards look like they haven’t slept for a week.

Utilizes Westlaketea’s Faces+ and includes diffuse textures compatible with Reo’s FTM Horns. To use the FTM textures, you must install Reo’s mod first which you can get here: LINK

Because of the fact that this mod has a lot of diffuses – and packing them is something I don’t have the energy for atm – I’ve decided to provide the ttmp2 only for vanilla horns. In the link, you’ll find a ZIP file containing all diffuses including those for Reo’s FTM horns, plus PSD and CSP files for your use to edit. There’s also a readme regarding the installation of these diffuses for Reo’s FTM horns specifically for Xaela, so please read them to make your installation process for them on Penumbra easier. I may pack them for your convenience in future, so I hope you can make do with the instructions until then!

As a bonus, using face paint #3 (face paint under the eyes) and setting it to dark black will really make this more dramatic!

If installing on Penumbra and using Reo’s FTM horns, please ensure the priority of this mod is set higher than the FTM mod for it to show up properly!

As always, message me on @phantomrvsh or @onsalhakair for assistance, and do feel free to also tag me if you use them!


  • Adhere to both Westlaketea & Reo’s permissions.
  • Do not redistribute.
  • Do not sell any edits you make from this makeup.
  • Do not use this mod to create underaged NSFW or NSFW Lalafell content.
  • Do not use this mod to create hateful content.

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