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I am Legion.

Presenting LEGION: a makeup diffuse created for face 2 Au Ra M! This makeup features heavy dark purples and smoky eyes, inspired by Zoya from the mobile game Path to Nowhere.

Utilizes Westlaketea’s Faces+ and includes diffuse textures compatible with Reo’s FTM Horns. To use the FTM textures, you must install Reo’s mod first which you can get here: LINK

The link includes a .zip of all diffuse PNGs and editable PSDs/CSP files that you can use to edit the makeup, plus previews of the diffuses on different skintones. Comes with options for lighter skintones, medium skintones and darker skintones. The ttmp2 file itself will install the diffuses for both Raen and Xaela, so if you want to use for only either Face 2 or 102, or have your own custom horns, you can use the diffuses provided to make your own modpack.

If installing on Penumbra and using Reo’s FTM horns, please ensure the priority of this mod is set higher than the FTM mod for it to show up properly!

Some notes:

  • some eye shape and eyebrow combinations might hide the eyeshadow quite a bit.
  • Lip color will be obscure as hell with Mouth 3.

Do message me on either @phantomrvsh or @onsalhakair on Twitter if you run into any problems!



  • Adhere to both Westlaketea & Reo’s permissions.
  • Do not redistribute.
  • Do not sell any edits you make from this makeup.
  • Do not use this mod to create underaged NSFW or NSFW Lalafell content.
  • Do not use this mod to create hateful content.

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