Premium Content: Lyrika

Replaces Bridesmaid Dress, Tights, and Sandals.
False nails are a mere texture edit, and redirect to MatD as to not affect other races’ nails. These are dyable, and default to the color found in the preview image.
All parts of this set are dyable.

Permissions: This is a custom made mesh, so permissions are higher than my usual.

-Please do not port this mod to other lalafell body types.
-Please do not port to hyur/roe based models unless you are one of the 3 people who have been given permissions to port it.
-Please do NOT post mods based off this mod until it goes public.
-Texture edits are allowed for private use.
-Please do not use in adult content.
Screenshots/gpose/ect are allowed/encouraged.

Requires Otopop installed to function.
All relevant links are on this website.

Public Release: TBD

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