Lux ⟡ Miqo’te Sculpt

Lux is a high-poly sculpt which can be used on all Miqo’te faces! Face 104 is used as the base, so keep this in mind when changing the makeup or eyelashes/eyebrows. Lux has toggle-able ear flaps which are linked to the left earring, and will just show the ears without the earring when toggled on. There are also two sculpt options: Base sculpt, and Keeper fangs or Seeker teeth depending on which face the sculpt is going on. All models can be ticked on and off depending on which face you would like it on!

What is included:
⟡ A high-poly Miqo’te sculpt for all faces
⟡ Toggle-able ear flaps
⟡ Custom makeup
⟡ Custom eyebrows and eyelashes

Preview footage and emotes:
Additional images:

⟡ Seeker faces 1, 2, 3, 4 and Keeper face 102 will have issues with the eyebrows and eyelash textures if you have Eyebrows/Eyelashes ticked off. If you’re using the sculpt for these faces, please make sure to either have Eyebrows/Eyelashes ticked on or use Face 104 eyebrows and eyelashes on the ETC A Normal map on the face which you want different ones on.
⟡ One of the facial scars was removed, the one that goes over the eyebrow/eye due to the shape of the sculpt.
⟡ The facial scar on the cheek was moved to go over the nose.
⟡ Reaper eyes are in the model but not placed correctly, feel free to adjust them or remove them.

Feel free to tweak the head model/makeup/eyebrows etc. however you like. Any tweaks made to the sculpt or textures please keep private and not as a base for a published mod. Do not share the original makeup or eyebrow/eyelash design as a published mod.

If you spot any issues or would like to ask me anything, feel free to contact me at Eme#0125 or reach out on my Discord server.

I’d love to see your wol’s, so if you end up using the sculpt use #emesmods so I can see your screenshots

Also, if you like what I create feel free to check my links out!
Trello –
Discord –

Illy and Tsar for Bibo+
Lye for Lithe+
Yuria for the Lynnea hair
Milk for Kitten Ears Split
Longerrpigs for the Indolent Halos
Kuu for the ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ eyes
Opuk for the Kupo iris catchlight and normal
Solona for the Moonchild necklace
Lye for the Eva dress
Lye for the Crystal Tears

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