Lupin Jewelry

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Hi friends!

These are just a personal project I decided to share. They are earrings for any female body base (talls + lala). I’m sure they will act weirdly in some poses, but they do move nicely while walking. 🙂 They come in emerald, ruby, and sapphire, and diamond. Sorry for any issues! They were mostly for me.

They are on the Scion Liberator’s Earrings and you can move them on install.

I’ve also added a simple ring that replaces the eternity ring (left). It’s fitted to bibo+. And I’ve added a necklace on the black byregotia choker. Talls only for the ring and necklace, sorry ;-;

TOU: This is a free mod – do not reupload it anywhere for profit. Please don’t repost it.

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