Premium Content: Lucky Ears

Ears inspired by lucky cats, and my OC Lucky!
Replaces the werewolf head for fem miqo, au ra, viera, and lalafell
Some parts will clip or float with some hairstyles, because it is impossible to fit to every single hairstyle out there. I’m sorry!
If you need help adjusting to your hairstyle please reach out and DM me! I will be more than happy to assist.

For viera and miqote you will NEED to remove their ears and find a modded hairstyle to cover the holes left behind

Options include:
dyes with your hair or calico diffuse
-ears, full chains, bell, bow
-ears, half chains, bell, bow
-ears, full chains, bell
-ears, half chains, bell
-ears, bow

➼You may adjust and edit as you see fit.
➼You may pay others to make edits for you, as long as they have also purchased a copy.
➼You may NOT use this for nsfw lalafell.
➼Please respect my rules, you can basically do whatever you want with these as long as its not used in NSFW lala content, or shared with people who did not purchase.
thank you and enjoy!

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