Premium Content: Lovely Hydrangea

Lovely Hydrangea is a glass tail with horns made from scratch. It has the options for pink glass, purple glass or blue glass. The hydrangeas also have the options for pink, purple or blue. Hydrangea and Tail have separate colour options so you can mix&match how you want.

Tail shown in the previews is on length 100. Includes a hornless option.

Short Infos:

  • Affects: Tail 1/101
  • Options in total: 6
  • Races&Genders: Au Ra, female
  • Mesh: made from scratch
  • Public release: 25.12.23

If you want to tag any screenshots with my mods please feel free to use #nimpymods :bunnyheart:
You can find my permissions, discord links and links to all my other sites here →


Hey, I'm Nimpy o/ I'm still kinda new to FFXIV modding but I try my best \o/ Want a comission or found a bug in one of my mods? Please read the Info card on my Trello for that!

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