Premium Content: Loveless

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Contributors : Tsar for TBSE – DR for the original outfit
Dependencies : The Body Special Edition or textures on mat b.
Item replacement : Yakaku Dogi, Yakaku Koshita, Yakaku Geta, Pagos field dressing.
Races affected : Midlander, Miqo’te, Elezen, Au Ra, Viera.
Genders affected : Males
Mod description : Look straight out of a k-pop music video in this pop star style outfit.

Options Inlcuded :
  • Dependencies : The Body Special Edition by Tsar or textures on mat b.
  • Dyeable : Yes
  • Lalafell : No
  • Options : Many many 3D options to remove bits and pieces as well as 3 colorset options to pick from.


Permissions :
  • Personal private edits are OK.
  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Do not share, re-upload or re-distribute without my permission.
  • Do not port to other games. Do not use in any type of mod commission without my permission.
  • Do not use in NSFW depictions of child coded/underaged characters. (Lalafell, Ryne, Meteion, Leveilleur twins, etc.)
  • Do not use in the displaying/promoting/making of triggering/hateful/degrading/racist content.


Programs Used :
  • Textools
  • Penumbra
  • 3ds Max 2021
  • Photoshop CC


Contact Information :

If you run into any issues while using my products, please contact me via Discord.
Discord : Bliss#0001


Hi, I'm known as Bliss. I pretty much do a bit of everything but I focus mainly on outfits, accessories and hairstyles. - I do not take commissions. Modder since 2018. ♥