Love S.O.S – ReShade gameplay preset

Love S.O.S

Simple gameplay preset with RTGI or MXAO support

Shaders used:

  • qUINT_rtgi.fx
  • MXAO 3.4.fx
  • Clarity2.fx
  • BIAA.fx
  • LumaSharpen.fx
  • Colourfulness.fx
  • qUINT_lightroom

Optional shaders:

  • Chromakey.fx
  • Chromakey2.fx
  • Composition.fx
  • VerticalPreviewer.fx

Full RTGI support, if you don’t own this shader I made sure you can use MXAOFFXIV as a replacer, please don’t use both at the same same.

Will not wash out grey, blue and black characters.

Either tick on RTGI or MXAOFFXIV.

If it’s too vibrant for you, untick Colourfulness.



Major Praline

Leon he/him

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