Love and Deepspace Rip Resource

This is a rip of almost all of the models and textures from the mobile game Love and Deepspace. I say most because it seems some outfits (at least one that I tested) have their textures hidden in the depths that I wasn’t able to find. I will keep on working trying to find everything.
My ripping resource didn’t allow for organizing without me doing it manually ;A; I can work on sorting things out in the future. I will also do my best to update this with any new big updates of the game as it goes.

Extra notes:

  • models + textures starting with PL are the Player assets
  • models + textures starting with RY are Rafayel assets
  • models + textures starting with ST are Xavier assets
  • models + textures starting with YS are Zayne assets
  • Everything else is environments, monsters, and more. I kept them in cause some of them look neat :D

The zip is a 3GB .7z file. You may need 7zip to unzip it.
.7z is just the best file format for compressing, apologies :’)


  • Feb 04 2024 – [1.0.0] Initial release


  • Credit to the rip source would be nice but is not needed.
  • DO NOT use this resource for paywalled, time gated, or vaulted mods.
    • These are not our models or art. They are made by other artists and deserve our respect as such. Don’t be a dick.


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