Premium Content: Little Treat — Makeup ♥ Female Viera 3/103

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A versatile makeup collection with four options to choose from: red and glowy, red matte, soft and glowy, soft matte. This product is the Viera 3/103 version.

• Includes modpack, loose files for diffuse and multi and a master .psd file with Miqo’te clanmark toggles for further private edits. There’s also a Raen variant. An information .txt is also in the folder, with further help regarding ports and manual modding.

• Please mind the face you’re purchasing: buy it based on your current sculpt/head, not your in-game vanilla race. If you don’t use any sculpts, ignore this and just purchase according to your character.

Special thanks to Major Praline for the vanilla texture Devkits and Mallow for the Raen port.

Larger pictures:


Please keep in mind:
✢ This is a digital product: once you buy it, you’ll always have access to it. Therefore, there are no refunds.
✢ Do not claim this mod as your own.
✢ Do not use my work as base for yours.
✢ Personal edits are fine, publishing them are not!
✢ If sharing to others, please purchase another copy.

Thumbnail wcif (left to right):
➳ Hair: June by Ruta; Countess by Curse&Omen
➳ Sculpt: None; Kazino by Sai
➳ Ears: None; Nekomimi by Yuria


xiv creator from brasil ツ pfp: @/flonflonflon

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