Premium Content: Little Love – Makeup for Miqote Face 3 Sunseeker

Makeup for Miqote Face 3

 A cute pinkish makeup with a heart next to the eyes and a cute blush facepaint

File inculdes

• ttmp2 files
- no blush version pink/white stripes
- blush version pink/white stripes

• PNG files of all variations
- Vanilla stripes no blush
- Vanilla stripes with blush
- Pink/White stripes no blush
- Pink/White stripes with blush

• Facepaint PNG File

• Custom Iris and Catchlight texture

• Retexture/resculpt of brows and lashes

Thanks to rosemint for the upscaled textures

Do not use any of my work for personal profit or anything similar
Do not release my work as your own
Personal/private edits are fine

I understand sharing with your significant other, this is the only case where sharing my mods is allowed.
If your friends want it please buy another one.

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