Premium Content: Kurenai

Public release date: 30/03/2023
Also available on Patreon!

Thank you to Kurenai for the commission and Savo for the design! <3
A pretty white & pink dress with ribbons, lace and a cape.

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 or above to work properly and is fitted around Bibo+ Small. May clip with bigger butts.
– May clip in some poses/animations. You can use the skirt bones to fix it in poses. Also XIV doesn’t really have proper cape bones so it can move a bit weirdly around the arms.
– Dyeable through Anamnesis or Glamourer.

■ Private edits are alright. Please wait for the mod to go public before you publish them. Do not redistribute. Feel free to share with your partner or bestie, but for sharing with any more people, please purchase a suitable amount of copies.


Hey there! I do hair & clothing ports, as well as clothing from scratch. Hope you enjoy!~

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