Kugane Sunset Scales+

Another day another scale mod! Scales created based on the sunset on a clear day in Shirogane right outside my apartment. These scales work on both Raen and Xaela females. I want to make sure I thank my lovely discord beans for voting on this release to be next, you guys definitely were right once again. Alas, enjoy the blazing sunset of Shiro on your scales!

pmp file
Body Transparents

If you want this applied to custom horns or tails, message me at SnackCookie#6666 on discord and we can discuss it. (I will admit paid commissions come first so this may take a bit to get to)

If you post gposes with my mods, please use the tag #CookieMods so I can see them. I would love to post them on my Kofi and admire your beautiful OCs♥

Comments: This is a pmp file! You upload it into penumbra the same as a ttmp. It does not work with texttools. You also do NOT need the Selene Scales+ mod to make them work but I do recommend downloading them as they are fantastic. You can find them at www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/35745. These are also for bibo+ ONLY.


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