[ks] salonkeep’s dress


long time no see TGD!…. college kicking my ass out here!!! i bring a vanilla mashup for F and M midlander bodies ehe… requires TBSE and bibo+ to work. shaped around medium chest. expect clipping… will break other races’ textures. metadata hides necklaces and waist attribute (rip quaintrelle’s ruffled skirt), short wrist-length gloves will get cut off but mid and long gloves should work fine. doesn’t come with a skirt so you can mix and match any bottom piece you want! preview left is dyed soot black, right is undyed


  • feel free to upscale or port without asking me, just credit and link back! DO NOT PORT TO OTOPOP OR EVE
  • if you use it in a screenshot, you could tag my twitter or use #ksxivmods! i’d love to see your gposes!


he/him | #ksxivmods | i like to make vanilla mashups! | pfp by @ap1os on twitter

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