The Glamour Dresser

[ks] Argutus

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for fem and masc midlander-based bodies. shaped around vanilla

for the graduate scholar’s excursion into the battlefield. i like the big panelling and belts of the arr scholar artifact, so i added some more of that + a little bow and some fur as a treat. highly recommend using penumbra because this will break m highlander/roe and lala textures. minor clipping around waist area in extreme coat physics situations.

preview notes:

colorset #3 mat C: scholar coat
colorset #14 mat B: gem
colorset #13, #14 mat D: fur


  • feel free to upscale or port without asking me, just credit and link back! DO NOT PORT TO OTOPOP OR EVE
  • if you use it in a screenshot, you could tag my twitter or use #ksxivmods! i’d love to see your gposes!

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