Kitsune Mask

Ported from PSO2 (but I had to remodel the tassels :pensive:)

• Aurelia Polyp Minion
• Black Painted Moogle Mask
• White Painted Moogle Mask

Minion version allows for more posing options. Only movable parts of the hat version are the tassels on the side.

Comes with a few color options, but the colorsets are editable if you want custom ones:
Row 3 – Main detail (red parts)
Row 4 – Mask base
Row 5 – Secondary detail (golden parts)
Row 6&7 – Tassels
Row 8 – Bells


Hewwo! I make 3D and texture mods for cute boys. Currently porting various items from other games, or doing vanilla mashups. Learning to make my own custom meshes and designs along the way. ★ 、ヽ`、ヽ`个c(゚∀゚∩)`ヽ、`ヽ、

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