King of Fighters XV-Sylvie Paula Paula

The hair has the option for split dye or no highlights and 3 model options. Hair works for all fems, but only include earless miqo.
Neither the hair weights, nor the highlights are perfect. I usually don’t do hair but wanted to include it this time.
You can choose between only wings or wings and tail for accessories, the stars come as a prop.

Will clip/stretch in extreme poses

Short Infos:
Affects: Frontier Dress, Gloves and Pumps, Moonward Ring of Healing, Wind-Up Cursor, Hair 107
Body: Bibo+ small
Mesh/Textures: King of Fighters XV

If you want to tag any screenshots with my mods please feel free to use #nimpymods :bunnyheart:
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Hey, I'm Nimpy o/ I'm still kinda new to FFXIV modding but I try my best \o/ Want a comission or found a bug in one of my mods? Please read the Info card on my Trello for that!

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