KDA Akali

IT IS DONE. Fairly happy of this one.

calfskin rider’s cap : Cap, hair and Mask (many very edited in game assets)

skyworker’s singlet : Bra (Solona’s Mesh)  https://solona.info/products/sun-salutation?_pos=1&_sid=7d5f71330&_ss=r

street cargo : Pants (Solona’s Mesh) (UNIQUE)

Street High-top Shoes : Shoes (Edited in game asset)

Allagan Bracelet of Aiming : tattoo (Solona mesh)

Firecrest Ring Left n Right : jacket (Solona Mesh) https://solona.info/products/geometric?_pos=1&_sid=bc2097c72&_ss=r

Huff huff. Alot of edits here and alot of retexturizing. Obviously a special thanks to Solona for making this project a possibility. <3

It is a vaulted, paywalled item, so expect strict Perms. No sharing, no claiming, no repost, no using any bits for anything.

You may do PERSONAL edits. But thats it.

Another thanks to Tetsu BB, helping me with the promo pic and all! She plays league on Twitch, so can check her out here : https://www.twitch.tv/tetsutea

Also a thanks to Illy and co for the Bibo+ body!
And I dont own the rights to League of Legends, obviously.


Tattoo artist, learning shenenegans, and mostly having fun.

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