Premium Content: junction esuna necklace pack for tbse and bibo+

This necklace pack is included as a booster reward for Discord boosters. You can snag them by boosting the server or by grabbing them from the shop (or patreon).

I figured since the neck seam is a thing, why not make it pretty? So, I made a set of skintight necklaces meant to decorate it.

  • Replaces the Alexandrian, Gordian, and Midan neckbands

  • Comes with a dyeable colorset and a glowing one

  • Default dye is metallic gold

Also, you don’t actually need the mats for bibo+ or tbse. They’re just sized for those bodies.

M highlander and M roe friends: sorry this one isn’t for you. I might add thicc neck/beefy shoulder support later on if I can get it to look cute.

PS – the textures work really well with metallic dyes :)

release date: 22 August 2023


creator of the glamour dresser and glamour bot. i make mods when i'm not coding for TGD.

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