Isle Vacationer’s Custom Retexture + DIY Template

– For everyone
– Compatible with vanilla + any body mod used for these shirts (set this mod to a higher priority than it)
– Includes DIY Photoshop template and some instructions on how to make your own patterned texture
– Dyable version + 4 patterns
– Upscaled normal and multi textures

Contains both Penumbra and Textools file + all textures. Do not import the Textools version into Penumbra, it has no extra pattern options and they have to be imported manually. There is an instructions text file to help you get started!

Tops from the first, third, and forth character in preview are vanilla.
Second one is using Westlaketea’s Isle Vacationer’s Tie-front Shirt – TB SE Type W



Hewwo! I make 3D and texture mods for cute boys. Currently porting various items from other games, or doing vanilla mashups. Learning to make my own custom meshes and designs along the way. ★ 、ヽ`、ヽ`个c(゚∀゚∩)`ヽ、`ヽ、

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