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Islander – A Set of Shaders for Gshade

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A set of two shaders created to enhance your Island Sanctuary photos.

❀ Tropical ❀
A sandy toned shader with pops of aqua blue. The selective color layer was specifically added for deeper skin tones, and can be toggled on and off if you would like the shader to have more vibrant red tones.

❀ Coral Reef ❀
A shader specifically designed to work underwater, with prism and bubble textures to enhance the scene. All textures use Stage Depth so that they can be adjusted to go behind or in front of the character as desired. Please note that this shader does NOT look good if you are not underwater.

These shaders were not tested anywhere except for Island Sanctuary as they were made primarily for use there, so they may look different if you are using them elsewhere

I would love to see your photos! Please use #FacinaturuShaders if you post them to social media so that I can find them. Thank you!

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