Imperial Insurgent – Jacket

“I’d rather be an apostate than a slave!”

This mashup is themed around Allagan tech and military uniform.
Fashion for your garlean defector, because they need some fashion too!

I mashed the the late allagan maiming and fending with the diadocos fending top and the shadowhunters fur.
Fur and knife can be removed.
Its scaled to TBSE-X, so its a bit more beefy.
Clipping might happen here and there.
Male midlander based only.

  • Credits to SE for their textures and meshes
  • Credits to Tzar for the body
  • Credits to raykie for tbse-x

If you find any Issues, please contact me. I am happy to help!

  • Do NOT claim as your own/repost/or include in paid mods.
  • Edits for personal use are fine.
  • Ports for other races/genders: Ask before release.