[Ichi]Melted Ice Cream (M!Viera Port)

A port of p-errot’s Melted Ice Cream to Male Viera.

-Hair 06
Race & Gender: Male Viera

This port includes custom highlights as well as bows directly on the hair instead of earrings, and colour options for the bows.
Unlike the original, there is only one bangs option here and it’s Medium Length.

I give credit to p-errot for making the outfit.
Original mod here: https://www.glamourdresser.com/mods/melted-ice-cream-mashup-hair-for-fau-ra

-NO underage or child coded characters are to be used with this in a NSFW way.
-No re-uploading.
-No monetizing on the mod.

Please check out my other work, I do custom makeup, eyes and hair port commissions!

Contact Info:
If there are any clipping issues, or it doesn’t work then don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter/X!

Do you use Twitter/X? Use the tag #ichimods

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/FFXIV_Ichigo


Just a silly lil guy who likes to make cute femboy mods! He/Him | Baby Modder | Femboy Ports Custom Makeup Commission info: https://ichigo-comms.carrd.co/

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