iceheart is my mom

Vanilla gear mashup for fem talls!

**this is my very first completed public mod. There is going to be some minor clipping that I will hopefully fix at a later date once i learn how!**

-replaces YorHa Type-53 Halfrobe of Healing

-for vanilla bods only

-dyeable on the dress part, not on the inner hood or sash.

Known Issues:

-some clipping around armpit area and space in the waist with certain poses

– certain gloves may leave a tiny space between the wrist and forearm (it’s really tiny i promise)

– some clipping from the metal bits of the sash from walking/running

share your gposes to #ephiestuff on Twitter!

Important stuff:

1. Editing/Upscaling, ports to other body types/genders is ok(and encouraged!) but please give credit for original :)

2. The stuff I make is FREE! Please don’t monetize it if you are posting an edit/port.

3. wcif friendly!


learning to make mods and wanted to share stuff i've made!

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