Hyur Ears for F! Viera

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Replaces female Viera ears with female Midlander ears

1/1/2023 Update: Now available for all ear types! You can choose which ears it changes in the modpack

This is my first mod and the first time I’ve used Blender so there may be some issues. If you find any feel feel to contact me on Twitter @DuskAmaryllis and I’ll try my best to help you (but my knowledge is limited so your best bet is going to a modding discord’s mod help section).


  • Hair holes will appear on most vanilla Viera hairs, use a mod to cover those holes or use modded hair
    – Sitch’s Select Viera Hair Reworks covers the holes of hairs 1 – 8 + 17: (https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/18222)
    – Rha has an earhole covered version of hair 12 in the Mashups & Makeups Discord server
  • Earrings will float above the head
  • I’ve found that most updo modded Viera hairs will bring the side hairline down to compensate for the lack of human ears on Viera. This results with the hair clipping into the ears sadly. I’m not sure how to circumvent this easily but I believe you’ll have to edit the hair yourself or port the Hyur/Elezen version of that modded hair onto Viera
  • If you use this mod feel free to tag me @DuskAmaryllis on Twitter, it would be lovely to see my mods being used <3

Thanks to:

  • Miette for upscaled textures
  • Ling for their help in troubleshooting issues
  • Koneko for her Xiv Mods.Guide website, it was incredibly helpful as a first time modder


Gposer - Sometimes I post the mods I make for my screenshots

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