Premium Content: HSR : Himeko’s Outfit

Requires Bibo+ 2.0 or above to work properly.
Outfit is fitted around Bibo+ large chest and small legs and works for all tall females


– Dress (Replaces Frontier Dress)
– Gloves (Replaces Frontier Gloves)
– Pants (Replaces Hempen Pantelettes)
– Shoes (Replaces Bridesmaid’s sandals)
– Coat (Replaces White Sweet Pea Necklace)
– Bracelet (Whalaqee Bracelet)
– Earring (White Carnation Earrings)
– Weapon (Ironworks Magitek Axe)
– Main color is dyable in Dress, coat gloves and shoes
– Also includes Colorsets for further customizations on Dress and Coat
– Drone (OMG minion) has custom togglable animations and is posable
– Includes Coffee cup model replacement for emote


10 – Shoes – Dyable
11 – Coat (nek_b mat)
12 – Gloves – Dyable
13 – Red Fabric of the Dress (top_b mat)
14 – White Fabric of the Dress and Coat – Dyable
15 – Gold accessories (dress – top_a & top_c mats, coat – nek_b mat)
16 – Remaining sections (Recommended to keep this on default)

– If you find a problem please reach out to me!
– I did my best to stop any clipping, but it will still clip in some poses.
– Please feel free to port privately but please credit me thank you !
– May need just a touch (0.02) with heels plugin for the shoes

– Do not claim as your own
– Do not upload onto other platforms
– Do not use this as a base for your work
– All purchases are final and non-refundable
– If you have any questions or problems you can reach out to me on discord (rourouworks/Rourou#4338) or on Twitter @Rourou832429 !
– Feel free to use the tag #rourouworks on Twitter or tag me @rourouworkshop in insta, I would really love to see your gposes!

Tsar/Illy for Bibo+

Rourou's Workshop

Hi! Thank you for checking out my page! I'm Rourou and I primarily focus on custom commissions. I also focus on cute outfits, minions and sometimes on emotes, so the workshop will be all over the place for now. I will be available here as well as in patreon & buymeacoffee Thank you & I appreciate the heck out of your support!

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