Premium Content: Hottie, a summer outfit

Hottie is a sexy summer outfit that’s extremely light and breezy. a backless lounge shirt over a bikini top. comes in 2 versions with 2 different matching bottoms.

*requires bibo+ to be installed.

*comes in bibo+ large top and bottoms. *replaces: skyworker’s singlet and bottoms. can be moved upon import.

*version 1 is a cotton terry shirt over a pink bra with matching booty jean shorts, fully dyable but the shorts will be a bit picky about how they dye.

*version 2 is a combed cotton shirt over a black bra with matching black bikini bottoms, black bra and bottoms will remain undyable while the shirt will be fully dyable.

*there was no weight issues but expect small clipping with extreme poses.

*all tall females and will not break lala models or textures.

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