Highkey (U)

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Highkey by alee, upscaled to the Bibo+ Uranus chest and fitted to default Bibo+ large bottoms. This dress functions the same as the original mod with regards to metadata to reduce clipping. If you wish to fit this upscale with different sized bottoms, feel free to do so. Clipping may occur in some poses.

This is a 3D conversion only, so please download the original mod first before installing this:
➥ Highkey (Bibo+) | https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/63352

❁ Permissions of the original mod apply–click the link to the original mod and read them.
❁ Bibo+ permissions apply.
❁ You can edit this mod to your liking as long as you give credit to the contributors.
❁ Do NOT use any of my mods to create sexual content involving underaged characters or Lalafell.
❁ Do NOT use any of my mods to create abusive/hateful content.

If you enjoy what I do, use #keyworks when posting screenshots featuring my mods. I love to see y’all!

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