“Hex Your Ex” – Unisex Tank Top

It’s been a while since I did a shirt design, and this was the results of boredom and staring at the various shirts in my closet. A big thank you to Jiko for being the model for the masc. version! The shirt design WILL disappear if you dye it, so keep it undyed to see the pattern. “Hex Your Ex” is a unisex tank top design made with various brushes in ClipStudioPaint [Masc Version preview can be found on download page]

If you use it on social media, feel free to tag me @SaltMage_Ellie!

Requires Bibo+/TBSE to work [Fem version still uses the old mat _b texture so if you swap the item you’ll need to do a manual swap in TT]

Male Version: Survival Shirt
Female Version: Extreme Survival Shirt Both shirts are moveable upon import.

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