Premium Content: Handmade Lace-Up Casual

Additional Previews and Info:


Affects Ladies, M midlander and F&M Lalafell:

  • Summer Indigo Shirt, Cropped Summer Indigo Slops


  • Wear for Share! (SFW, Twitter) #marimods
  • Talls: Lithe+ (medium & extra small chest, small legs), Rue+, TBSE-Slim (midlander) body options.
  • Lalafell: ReLala, Cherie, Vanilla.
  • Ribbons, metal, shorts stitching are colorset and can be dyed through that. Regular fabric is dyeable normally.
  • Currently, the proceeds gained from selling my mods will go toward regaining the funds spent from the funeral costs of a family member.
  • This is a 100% handmade item! Clothing mesh, textures and designs are made by me.


  • Tsar, Illy Does Things and Bizu for Bibo+
  • Lye for Lithe+
  • Elegy for Rue+
  • Tsar and Mimi for TBSE-Slim
  • Minou for Re[de]fined Lalafell.
  • Blue and Luna for Cherie, a ReLala sculpt.


  • Please do not use my files in NSFW Lalafell or NSFW Underaged content.
  • Please do not use my tag #marimods if your post is NSFW.
  • Please do not share my paid files (not even to a friend, have them buy their own).
  • Please do not make money off of my original files or my files that you have edited.
  • You may edit my files for personal use.
  • You may share my FREE files with a friend.


Please let me know if there are any problems. Wear for share! SFW (Twitter, Bluesky) #marimods

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