Guide to animation modding with MultiAssist: an AnimAssist fork

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This project would not exist without Perchbird’s original work on AnimAssist, as well as individuals who have shared their knowledge on XIV’s animation file structures throughout various platforms.



MultiAssist is a fork of AnimAssist. It is designed to help further facilitate animation modding in FFXIV. This project hosts minor fixes to AnimAssist, as well as implements a GUI, additional export options, and the ability to repack .pap files with multiple animations. Additionally, I am hosting and developing a comprehensive guide to XIV animation editing within the scope of this project.

The intention of this project is to introduce animation modding to a broader audience by streamlining the process, expanding its capabilities, and sharing workflows.

I intend to make additions to the guide for a comprehensive primer into XIV animation, as well as additions and improvements to MultiAssist itself.

Read the guide here (25/04 – Now migrated to the wiki!)

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