GUIDE: ReShade for FFXIV

ReShade for FFXIV

Current version: ReShade + ADDON support 5.9.2

Compilation of several guides to help with migrating from GShade to ReShade, troubleshot common issues and install shaders. (iMMERSE, RTGI, etc)
Includes my custom ReShade shaders collection (retro)compatible with GShade shaders and most presets. Follow the instructions in the guide to install it.

Migrate from GShade to ReShade safely (updated 2023.10.25)
Walkthrough with visual samples for installing ReShade

GShade to ReShade collaborative notes (updated 2023.10.25)
Troubleshoting, common issues, informations, notes & ReShade preset collections

ReShade shaders installation guide (updated 2023.10.25)
Beginner explanations of shaders, shader repositories, pre-made installation for FFXIV & RTGI / advanced shaders

For questions, troubleshoting or help, you can ping be in XIV Mods & Resources mod-help channel or in WCIF mod-help channel.

Major Praline

Leon he/him

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