GUIDE: Face multi map

Face multi map guide

How to make your face textures compatible for all skintones



This guide aims at understanding XIV’s face shader for a better and correct editing of the multi map.
Understanding how the shader works will give you all the keys to be able to edit your face multi maps.

The guide also includes visual samples and will step by step walk you through editing your own textures.
You will need to use an image editing software which has color channel managing options, Clip Paint Studio does not provide this option and is not recommanded for anything else than diffuse textures.

It is recommended not to use upscaled bases which are yet to be manually color corrected. AI upscaling does not preserve the channel colouring, therefore you will need to correct it yourself or to use corrected maps.


You can find color corrected upscaled bases for female model Viera & Miqo’te on my trello:

Major Praline

Leon he/him

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