Premium Content: Grime ~

Make up for all fem Miqo’te faces / based sculpts.
Grime’s counterpart Glitter :
#tofumods on twitter (x).
Dark purple eyeshadow with notes of lavender and slight glitter, two lip options: dark red and peach, nose contour and highlight and soft red blush on the cheeks.
Does not work with ingame lipstick.
Both with and without clanmarks!
– comes with 2 versions : Red Lips and Peach Lips (clanless and with clanmarks).
– ttmp and loose files.
– edited multi to better work on all skin tones.
Mods used in preview: Nekomi by Nera, Ella by Crono and Ririko by Yuria.
Thank you Roseminted for the Miqo Base.
Terms of use:
✧ Edits for personal use are allowed.
✧ You are purchasing a final product, there are no refunds.
✧ Do not share or repost files / mods.
✧ Do not trace / claim as your own.
✧ Do not file share.
✧ Do not use in any negative/hateful context.

Feel free to reach out to me on twitter regarding any concerns ~


I'm a student who makes mods in her free time and spend the rest of my free time buying them x:

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