Gown of Eternal Passion/Devotion/Innocence — TBSE Echo 2.0 Flat/Petite

Upscales the vanilla Gown of Eternal Passion/Devotion/Innocence to TBSE Echo 2.0. Includes a toggle for flat or petite chest (figured out the advanced modpack system in Textools finally!) and the bottom half of the dress gives enough clearance for both AMAB and AFAB Large bottoms. Please note that this is best worn with tight bottoms (or no bottoms if that’s your thing) due to the way the dress is structured. Also: this is only a model edit! That means any retextures of this dress will work with this refit as well, just set this one to a higher priority :3c

Hip area might get a bit strange with larger C+ scaling but I did my best fighting all those polygons.

Enjoy the pretty dress!


This is a dumping ground for all my stuff, blender haunts me in my sleep. (they/them)

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