The Glamour Dresser

Premium Content: Goffkat (Make up)

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A smoky eye, black lip make up for all miqo’te faces! I’ve included a multi for darker skins but if you zoom in super close, I’m talking SUPER CLOSE lol there’s little white specs that I’m not sure how to fix so please be aware of that.


Tested on vanilla and a couple sculpts. Sculpt in preview is Juin and there’s one featuring Nekomi in the previews as well.


I’ve made png files for all miqo’te faces, suncat and mooncat, as well as a transparent overlay. If you need help putting the png on your face please DM and I will talk you through it.


Credits to Rosemint for the upscaled face textures!


Feel free to edit however you’d like, just don’t claim as your own.

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