GLASS presets pack


6 ReShade compatible presets with textures toggles


Install “Praline – GLASS” in your “reshade-presets” folder.
Install the textures inside the “Textures” folder in your “reshade-shaders/Textures” folder.

In case your are missing any shader, all free shaders used for those presets are included in the folder “Shaders”


To toggle on/off textures, check/uncheck the shaders “Layer.fx” and/or “StageDepth.fx”.
To bring a “StageDepth.fx” texture in the front (like Layer.fx) put the depth value to its maximum.

For background blurring, toggle on “quintDOF.fx”. (ADOF)

To sharpen your screenshot, toggle on “LumaSharpen.fx”.

To get rid of the background fog, uncheck “AdaptiveFog.fx”.

To get rid of the glow/bloom, uncheck any shader named “bloom”.

Correct lighting via your GPose menu in-game with:

  • General Settings > Manual brightness adjustment
  • Lighting settings > Character Lighting

Full RTGI support, if you don’t own this shader I made sure you can use MXAOFFXIV as a replacer, please don’t use both at the same time.


  • AdaptiveFog.fx
  • AdaptiveTint.fx
  • AmbientLight.fx
  • BIAA.fx
  • BloomingHDR.fx
  • Clarity.fx
  • Colourfulness.fx
  • DPX.fx
  • FilmicGrade.fx
  • FilmicPass.fx
  • Layer.fx
  • Levels.fx
  • LumaSharpen.fx
  • LUT.fx
  • MagicBloom.fx
  • MultiLUT.fx
  • NFAA.fx
  • PD80_02_Bloom.fx
  • PD80_04_Contrast_Brightness_Saturation.fx
  • PD80_06_Chromatic_Aberration.fx
  • qUINT_bloom.fx
  • qUINT_rtgi.fx
  • qUINT_lightroom.fx
  • RetroTint.fx
  • StageDepth.fx
  • ThinFilm.fx
  • Tonemap.fx
  • Vibrance.fx


Those presets are using RTGI for shadow & light, but they are compatible for non-RTGI users.

Those presets are using the latest archive of GShade’s shaders (BlackWaltz’s backup), if you use older shaders this might break.‌

The 4 last shaders composing those presets are:

  • Chromakey.fx (Transparent background screenshot)
  • Chromakey2.fx (Transparent background screenshot)
  • Composition.fx (Grid)
  • VerticalPreviewer.fx (Portrait screenshots + grid)


  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not resell, redistribute, upload or share for collaborations or commissions
  • Do not use as a base for your own work
  • Do not use to represent minors or minor looking characters in NSFW/erotic settings
  • Do not use to represent homophobia, transphobia, racism or any other hateful content
  • Edits are okay
  • Using and sharing my textures / presets is okay

Any breach of TOS will lead to ban on my spaces.

Major Praline

Leon he/him