“Gilded” for Viera

Uses upscaled textures from Rosemint

Another experimental cosmetic featuring black and bold, golden colors. Much like it’s counterpart “Wrath”, “Gilded” is a bold and daring cosmetic suitable mostly for medium/darker skintones. The makeup comes in numerous versions, such as one with a black sclera, a “simplified” version that does NOT have the painted sclera and markings, and one with the markings but skips the painted sclera. Along with the various options there are multis made to go with each variant, as well as transparent PNGs for not only easier customization, but for those who have custom skin textures such as scars, freckles, etc.

I included everything I could think of in here but if there’s something missing, or you’d like parts of the makeup removed that I neglected to add, please don’t hesitate to DM me and I’ll do my best.


♡ Please do not repost anywhere

♡ You’re more than welcome to edit/use parts of it for personal/private use/mashups however you see fit, just don’t reupload edits and claim as your own, and don’t use in paid mods.

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