Ghostly Flames Sickle

A commission turned public of the Abyssos Sickle!

~ The base sickle coloring has been reworked to black, spectral blues, and white
~ The vfx has been recolored to match the new sickle coloring
~ One of the vfx color textures has been replaced to better accent the new coloring

Update & Contact:
~ I’ve made more recolor options of this sickle too ^^ In my other pack, you can mix and match the flame color and the sickle insignia colors to fit your personal theme! You can find them here:
~ Discord:
~ Other mischief:


A spookily inclined gremlin who likes things that glow and the colors black and red. In the spirit of customizations, I also try to make multiple color variations of my mods so that everyone else can get things glowy and in their favorite colors too! ^^♥

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