FTMSE Top Scar + Body Hair Mega Pack NEO + DevKit

Thank you to Ari for the wonderful top scar edits, Tsar for TBSE, Red for FTMSE and the body hair resources, Sko514 for the conversion of the BBWVR2-based vagina used, Illyriana for the Bibo+ vagina used and Westlaketea for the pubic scales used.

This is a overhaul of the previous Top Scar Mod release!

Whats new?

  • Fixed body hair textures
  • FTMSE Bibo compatibility along with the originally included BBWVR
  • Pubic scale options for Au’ra for both Bibo and BBWVR

AND a DevKit included so anyone can make their own custom edits, ports, variations and so on!

The DevKit includes all of the textures used (which are mostly diffuse + multi files (however the pubic scale edits use normals as well), psd files to make custom editing easier, isolated transparent pngs of the top scars and a Read Me doc with general info and a rehash of the perms listed below.

There’s still no body hair options for Au’ra but that will be coming soon.


Mod works exactly the same as the previous one – just install the ttmp file and make it a higher priority than TBSE/FTMSE in penumbra and Make Sure both TBSE/FTMSE are on no body hair options and no top scar options. (i.e. order of priority lowest -> highest would look like: TBSE < FTMSE < This Mod). If you’re using TexTools just install them in that order (lowest -> highest being first -> last in that case)


Sorry the file size is kind of big, this was an issue in the last one as well (and frankly its worse in this one, sorry. Theres double the options this time since I included Bibo FTMSE and more options for Au’ra) and the closest solution I could come up with (although it’s not a true solution) is removing some of the options from the ttmp files. Mostly the very slightly altered ones which if you wanted those I do apologize however the textures for them are in the DevKit and you can very easily edit the ttmp file either with penumbra’s loose texture file addition/swap or making a new (or editing mine) modpack in TexTools and use your preferred option. There’s a lot of options since I feel having choices is important to customization and I haven’t seen many body hair variations (let alone ones for trans mascs). Important note however is you don’t need all the files to have the mod working (all you do need is TBSE and FTMSE) so absolutely feel free to pick and choose which ones you are going to use. I wish there was an easy way to make all these options possible while keeping the file size low but just due to how modding works as of right now its just not possible.


The Devkit is 3 zip files – the psd zip that has all the options in easy to edit photoshop files, the transparent versions of the top scars if you want just those and all of the slight variations of the body hair and top scar edits included in the original mod under the original pngs folder. Feel free to download just what you need or all of them whichever works best for you!

The trello board has the download link and is also where I’ll be posting any updates/adjustments to this mod and their revision notes!


Feel free to use/edit as desired even release skin mod edits including this just include appropriate credit if released publicly

Don’t claim as your own.

Do not use this in any content that contains NSFW of lala or underage characters.

You are in NO way permitted to use this in content that is pay walled.

Please refer to my TOS before using my mods.

Any questions or concerns etc feel free to dm me on twitter @transraha or tumblr under the same url. I dont check tumblr dms all that often but my ask box is open.


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