Premium Content: Frog Fairies


A mod that replaces Eos and Selene with Poroggos, and Seraph with Aenc Thon, Lord of the Leggie Lizards.

As nearly every mod I make, this was mainly made for myself, meaning it for the most part only has toggles to let you turn specific parts off and on, not a lot of customization.

Included are:

  • Regular Poroggo model for Eos, a custom purple Poroggo with a sun hat for Selene
  • Aenc Thon Model for Seraph
  • animations and custom vfx (including Sound Effects) for all PvE Pet Actions: Embrace, Fey Union, Fey Blessing, Fey Illumination, Whispering Dawn, Seraphic Veil, Consolation, Seraphic Illumination, Angel’s Whisper
  • edited vfx for your book whenever you cast pet actions

While you are free to use the vfx without the model edits, they were made with those models in mind and will thus likely look a little odd.

Contact me on ko-fi or tumblr if you find bugs or have issues!


A small smol modder just learning 3d and playing advanced dressup.

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