Premium Content: Frieren

♡ Frieren ♡
Elf Ears and Jewellery for Au Ra, Miqo’te, and Viera
All models are made from scratch

Includes: 4 ear options, raen skin materials, 2 jewellery options, full colourset


✦ Replaces ✦
Miqo’te Tail 1
Au Ra Tail 1 / 101
Viera Ear 1

✦ Permissions ✦
Rules are more in depth in my discord ♡

Specific to these ears: (contact me prior to these please)
CAN be used in commissions for alternate jewellery
CAN be used in paid jewellery releases, do NOT include the base ear
CAN be moved to other tails or clothing items, this CAN be commissioned to a third party

If you are looking to port the ears contact me, I would love to include it in the base pack and add your credits.

For anything else, my permissions are flexible here so just contact me first.

✦ Programs used ✦
Nomad (iOS application)
Substance Painter

✦ Links ✦
Twitter ♡
Ko-Fi ♡
Patreon ♡
Discord ♡

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