Franzia by Prayer [Nymph]

❥ Dress with a cut out for a bikini top
❥ Compatible with Nymph legs with a small amount of room given for tights underneath
❥ This is ONLY a model edit so you will need the original mod first for this to work (
❥ As this is only a model edit, it is compatible with texture edits such as Yurastella’s shown in the preview picture (
❥ For wips, requests, or just a chat feel free to join my discord

▶ If using penumbra make sure the original mod is set to priority 1 and the nymph file is priority 2 ▶


Thank you to Prayer for allowing this port (
Credit to Tsar/Illy Does Things/Bizu (Bibo+) & Saoirse (Nymph)

‼ Make sure to read TOS for this mod on Prayer’s page ‼


 ̄Д ̄=3

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