[FP] Glamorous – Bibo+ Upscale

A port and upscale of Solona’s original Gen 2 mod, Glamorous (https://solona.info/products/glamorous) to the Bibo+ Perky body.

– Comes in 3 chest sizes (Small, Medium Large) and is shaped round Large Bottoms.
– Comes with the original 2 diffuse options.
– Shoes have been upscaled to Bibo+ feet.
– Contains the dress, heels, and the original purse and bracelet.
– Replaces the Eastern Socialite’s Cheongsam, Leather Sandals (and variants), Zelkova Bracelet and Zelkova Ring (right)
– Uses the _bibo material so other bodies will need to manually adjust.

May clip in extreme poses!

Huge thanks to Solona for allowing me to upscale her mod! If you do occur any issues, let me know at the Tea House discord (https://discord.gg/ztjhFBV5jN)

Poses used in previews by Sakura, RBB and purroblematic.

Original mod permissions apply.

1.1 update: repacked ttmp2 to be a bit more streamlined.


Hi! I'm FreyaPurrito! 30+, she/her/they/them. I do upscales for Bibo+ and TBSE based body shapes, as well as minion props and hair ports!

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