[FP] Dancer’s Attire

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– Upscale of the Weathered Dancer’s Casaque and shared models to Bibo+ Perky in 3 chest sizes (Small, Medium, Large)
– Upscale of the Weathered Dancer’s Bottoms and shared models to Bibo+ Large default legs
– Upscale of the Weathered Dancer’s Shoes to Bibo+ feet
– Upscale of the Weathered Dance’s Armlets to Bibo+ hands, including Illy’s False Nails port that dyes with the armlets (for Idealised/Virtu versions)
– I’ve done my best to ensure little clipping with the outfit, but there may be some small clipping in extreme poses.
– Uses the _bibo mat, so other bodies will need to adjust.

– Puts the Idealised Dancer’s Headdress onto either the Ultima rings or Ultima choker (they fit all classes) so you can wear them whenever, not just as Dancer. They aren’t dyeable but you can edit the colourset in Textools.

Big thanks to Tsar and Illy for the Bibo+ Perky body, as well as Illy for the False Nails Bibo+ port. The Tea House fam for helping test and troubleshoot any issues, and to Clair for help with testing and also for some of the preview pictures <3

Come hang out in the Tea House discord! (https://discord.gg/ztjhFBV5jN)


General perms:
– Don’t claim my work as your own. That’s stinky.
– Please contact me if you want to edit this upscale further and are going to publish publicly.
– Don’t use my work in any paid commissions or work.

Version 1.1: Added the proper mat for the False Nails on the Virtu Armlets so they show up properly. Edited the Bottoms to reduce clipping on Femroes.

UPDATE: Added X-Large option to chest sizes!


Hi! I'm FreyaPurrito! 30+, she/her/they/them. I do upscales for Bibo+ and TBSE based body shapes, as well as minion props and hair ports!

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