[FP] Collegiate Attire – Bibo+ and TBSE

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A port and upscale pack of the Collegiate Attire to the Bibo+ and TBSE bodies.

– Bibo+ set has both blazers in the default 4 chest sizes, with clearance for up to Large butts with the Skirt for the Bow version, and two different clearance options for the Tie version.
– Bibo+ Slacks are in the 3 default leg sizes.
– Has edits to the Shoes (Tall socks) to fit Bibo+ and TBSE legs better.
– TBSE edit has Highlander compat for both jackets, as well as a bigger butt option to fit better round Red’s Collegiate Skirt for TBSE.
– Each blazer has an option to remove the bow or tie – please bear in mind I patched the holes on the shirt left so the textures are a little mismatched.
– As always, may have clipping or wonkiness especially in extreme poses.

For the Collegiate skirt, I recommend Red’s upscales: (TBSE: https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy14/mods/1674 , Bibo+ https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy14/mods/1169)

Feel free to use #fpmods on social media so I can see your pics!

Like my work? Feel free to send a ko-fi! (https://ko-fi.com/freyapurrito)

Come hang out in the Tea House! (https://discord.gg/ztjhFBV5jN) We have mods and poses for all genders, as well as some fun server exclusives!

General perms
– Don’t claim my work as your own. That’s stinky.
– Please contact me if you want to edit this upscale further and are going to publish publicly.
– Don’t use my work in any paid commissions or work without explicit permission.
– Don’t use my work for any Lala NSFW.



Hi! I'm FreyaPurrito! 30+, she/her/they/them. I do upscales for Bibo+ and TBSE based body shapes, as well as minion props and hair ports!

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