Flower Child Earrings

Replaces: The Emperor’s New Earrings

Permissions: Please don’t distribute outside of my page. Feel free to port and edit for private and public use (a link back to my page would be appreciated if released in a mod). Don’t use my content in paid releases or commissions.

If there’s any issues, please message me.

Personal Note:
Please consider donating to a humanitarian cause working to help innocent civilians in Ukraine. Many civilians are unable to evacuate for one reason or another, including my elderly grandparents, and humanitarian organizations help to provide them with food, medicine, and more. Ukraine Red Cross is one such organization: https://redcross.org.ua/donate/

Слава Україні!

Are you interested in supporting me? You’re welcome to do so at my kofi: https://ko-fi.com/fheythfully. I appreciate all your support. <3


Hi, I like to do vanilla mashups. All my mods are available publicly online. I am currently migrating my new mods to TGD, but not all of my older mods. If you spot a missing mod that you're after, you can likely find it in the Vanilla Cafe discord.

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