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FFXIV Voice Pack Creator

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A voice pack creation tool (emotes and battle sounds), voice swapper, MS-ADPCM, and OGG SCD generator.


– To run the program make sure you’ve installed .net desktop runtime 7.0:
– Make sure you’re using penumbra to manage your mods
– Fill out your author information
– Tell the program which character sounds you want to replace with virtually any valid media files. Or tell it which existing voice you want to swap with.
– Tell the program which character voices you want to affect.
– Hit generate.
– In game, hit rediscover in penumbra and enable your new voice pack mod.
– Hit “Export Mod” in penumbra to generate a .pmp file to share with others.

How to make custom voice packs:

How to swap your voice with another race/gender:

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