FFXIV Voice Pack Creator

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The definitive voice pack creation tool compatible with FFXIV via Roleplaying Voice and Dalamud.


– To run the program make sure you’ve installed .net desktop runtime 7.0:
– Requires the Roleplaying Voice plugin: https://github.com/Sebane1/RoleplayingVoiceDalamud
– Tell the program which action you want to add custom sounds to.
– Hit export.
– The files will be automatically added as a new entry in Roleplaying Voice.

Need support, or just wanna talk sound? Visit our discord! https://discord.gg/rtGXwMn7pX

If for whatever reason you wish to donate feel free to do so here https://ko-fi.com/sebastina


FFXIV Modder, I like programming, and building tools when I get frustrated :P

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